Friday, February 16, 2001

I completed pages 2&3 of "deus ex" yesterday. I switched over to nicer, better quality paper. Which means I gotta redo it all, but I like the second version better anyway. Oh..... And since I'm prolly the only one that got the news, it's gonna be released in June, I believe. Meg-chan and I are going to put both of them into one "book" of sorts. I can't remember the name of the convention we're gonna be selling it at.... But I guess if you want a copy you're gonna hafta e-mail me and ask for subscription info. ^_^ Unless of course you're gonna be in the Toronto area this summer, then you can just go to the con.
Funny how I'm flying all the way across this stupid continent, drawing this comic, and supporting myself (barely) all on my own. I think it's funny. Money has become this obsession with me. It just drives me crazy how broke I am. I mean, I need to replace some pens and I can't because I hafta buy groceries. Stupid January was stupid messed up and I didn't get a stupid paycheck!
*siiiighs* Well, I think that's enough complaining out of me. On the bright side, I think my sinus infection is finally showing signs of improvement. The doctor said that it should be gone by monday (or else they'll be putting me on something different come tuesday). Last night I was almost crying because it hurt so much and today I feel mostly normal. (except for a little head ache-y and the pressure on my eyes....)
*heh* I'm listening to my music loud enough to make the desk shake. I wonder if my neighbors can hear me? I swear one of these days I'm gonna get busted for my music being too loud. ^_^;;; And I think only three songs on my playlist are in english... no, make that four, two of which are boa anyway.
Ya know, I'm gonna send ai-chan an autographed framed poster so she can swoon over me! HA HA HA HA! Although, I gotta admit I'm not as cool as Simon or Milo. But at least I have a neck! *biiiiiiii* Okay, you know you have problems when...... 0_o
Firefly's Current Musical Theme: Hamasaki Ayumi's "evolution" (the original mix too!) I just love this song. "la la la la la"
Well, in philosophy today, I could tell no one wanted to be in class not even the prof. We got distracted by snow falling off the roof and someone pushing a cart (filled with theatre props) down the hall. And then we got out early. Must be Friday-itis.

Thursday, February 15, 2001


Tuesday, February 13, 2001

Firefly's Current Musical Theme: "CHAOS" by Masami Okui-sensei
And you know the worst thing about my scanner breaking? IT wasn't even my SCANNER! *gasp*


*holds out a tin can* Anyone want to donate to the "buy firefly a really nice scanner" fund?
Today, I decided it would be fun to go to dinner at the cog. (actually, I was dying for some soup. sadly, it was all too salty, so all I ended up eating was rice... ^_^;; ) Anyway, I sat across from some people who were a wee bit older than the regular college crowd. Throughout the WHOLE meal, the dood complained that if college students had to hold up a job to support themselves, then they'd all drop out.
*raises hand meekly* I have a job to support myself. (sometimes I support myself better than other times... ^_^;; )
And I also know plenty of people who aren't getting any help from their parents at all in paying for college. So I think that guy needs to get his head out of his arse.

Then again, I know FAR too many students at this school who still get an allowance from mum and pop.... Go fig.