Saturday, February 10, 2001

WOW! I'm someone's "baaaaybeeeeee"! *glows with specialness*
I *heart* ai-chan!

*giggles evilly*


Okay too much cold medicine for Firefly.
Firefly's Current Musical Theme: Far Away (dub's mule and feedback mix) from hamasaki-sensei what can I say, the cheesy whistle just makes the mix. ^_^
This week's exposure reviews.
The Window: This was actually my favorite movie of the evening. Was it just dirt in that window or the face of Jesus? The film actually gave no real answers.
Migrations: This film was just DEPRESSING. I didn't like it that much.
Dirt: Okay, I hafta wonder what in the world inspired the director to make this film. It was just WIERD. It had a kinda twilight zone look to it, which was kinda spiffy. But the plot...? Left me thinking "okay, what was the the point of THAT?"
Larger than Life: This one had the hokey feel of a 50's big bug horror movie. I liked it! *hee* And it kinda had me creeped out of big spiders when it was done. 0_o But all around, I thought it was fun to watch.

Friday, February 09, 2001

Random Quotes from Philosophy of Human Nature:

"Sometimes is a cigar is just a cigar, but most of the time it ain't." (that one's on freud)

"God is not a scientific force like electromagnetism."

Thursday, February 08, 2001

AAAAAAAAAAH!!!! THIS IS SCARY!!! (just read the feb. 7 post) 0___0;;;
Firefly's Current Musical Theme: "South Side (single version)" by Moby. KIREEEEEEIII NA!!!! *_*
Oh yeah, fun in art appreci to be had by all. Back in the day, when paintings were drawn by monks, they liked to show the "virgin mother and suckling child". Now, as a monk, these people had NO clue what a breast looks like. One of them even had dear mary with what looked like three breasts, one of which was coming out of her shoulder. @_@ (this would be the one that iddle jesus was suckling on, BTW) I just LOVE those monks!
*claps* Yay! dora-chan, I was your 2001 visitor! ^_^

Maybe I should spiff up my blog and put up a counter and emode thingie.
Lian: Why don't you just try posting regularly?
Firefly: URUSEEEE, BAKA!!! *kicks Lian somewhere out of the earth's gravitational pull*

On a side note, for those of you who DIDN'T already know, "deus ex: the god project" is getting turned into a manga! Whoo! If my luck continues, I should have a special double issue printing (along with the first Angel Huneter ^_^ ) all ready for Anime North! *hophophops* I should put up some preview pictures. ^_^;; And on another happier note, for those of you who claim that I'm slow to start stories, well, I've picked up the pace a lot. Mostly 'cause I love Gabby so much I want him to be in issue 2!
Whoo! Today's adventure involved me getting locked out of my room. And unlike last time, where it took me 45 minutes to get back in my room, today it only took 5 minutes! Why is that roomies are never home when they should be? (aka when I get locked out)

Wednesday, February 07, 2001

Now THIS is a sorry description of a hero "brains, muscles, and cool equipment". Heard that on a commercial.