Saturday, December 16, 2000

Meg-chan, I misses you too.... This is pathetic, it's only one stupid day that we haven't talked to eachother.
Eeeer.... As to how I feel, it's a lot better than yesterday. But I am kinda out of it, okay, really REALLY out of it. Methinks the prozac is hitting me a little hard today. (maybe I AM turning into a zombie >_< )
On a brighter note, Napster works out at my house. I'm popular! Currently, I have three people trying to download from me, and it's a rather eclectic collection that's being gotten off my HD as well -- jungle smile, apocalyptica, and the red elvises. And on my crappy 28.8 modem! 0__0
I have also discovered that I like Pandart Sasanoooha. His remixes kick behind! The Morning Musume one is just totally... awesome! *drools while listening to music*
This evening, I get to sing in the chior for the church's live nativity. That means I get to sit outside for about three hours in 9 degree weather. (this is in fahrenheit people, water freezes at 32 degrees, for those non-americans out there) I'm going to get frostbite and die or something. But this is ALL worth it, as my mom will have NO reason to complain about my c-mas spirit this year! HA HA HA HA HA! (oh, and they can feed my addiction. HOT CHOCOLLATE! OISHIII!)

Friday, December 15, 2000

I had an interesting experience yesterday. I was watching TV, and I saw an ad for Buffy the vampire slayer and angel. And suddenly, I could see the opening credits to "deus ex" so clearly in my head. It was cool, Lian looks quite good anime style. *sigh* Sometimes I wish it were an anime.
This just in: Imouto is now a member of the evil genius society!

Thursday, December 14, 2000

Whoo! Finals are OVER! *parties* I'm now in a GOOD mood and blaring j-pop as I clean up the dorm. ^___^

Wednesday, December 13, 2000

The evil genius society role list (so far):
Exoth (president)

Anyone else want to join? ^_~
Firefly's Top Dozen Skins List
Call it ego, but as I was cleaning out my winamp skins directory, I thought it would be interesting to make a list of the favorites of the skins that I've made. By now, I've made well over fifty. How many over fifty? We don't really know as I'm VERRA bad at counting. As I was compiling the list, I kinda realized it wasn't a top 10, but a top 12 list, as I couldn't figure out which one to bump off at that point. ^_^;; I'm a little partial to my more recent skins, and I AM swayed by the subject matter. However, this is approximately how I'd rate my skins. Almost all of these can be found on Shiawase Anime Skins (minus my two newest ones), so if you want pictures, just head over there.
#12 - Psyche ( This is the skin that I learned how to use the burn and dodge tools on. It's kinda early in my PS career. Previous to this, all the buttons had been shaded using the gradient tools (not exactly effective, ne?)
#11 - Why the Caged Bird Sings ( Eeer, I just like Ran, really. Okay, I incorporated the design in the image (the blurriness and the sharpness) into the skin elements.
#10 - Dear, My Angel ( Mark looks yummy in this pic. Oh yeah, I like the color scheme. I tend to like skins with strong color themes, and this happens to be one of them. It's monochromatic!
#9 - Yume (version II) ( This is the first revision skin I did that featured MAJOR changes. And I like it a heck of a lot more than the original.
#8 - clover3 ( My second skin EVER on PS. I played around a lot with it. Despite the fact that I was still getting used to the program, I think it turned out nicely. This is also about where I stopped using a "formula" to make as many skins as quick as possible. (there's a heck of a lot more you can do with PS than pcpaintbrush, ne?)
#7 - sinKing ( I honestly wish I had a better version of this pic. ;_; This was my first skin to employ EXTENSIVE use of the "outer glow" layer effect. This was to lessen the boring ness of the background, and I think it did a good job.
#6 - Angel Song ( This is the first skin that I used the blur filter on a lot. Not only that, it turned out rather spiffy as well! Antother pic with a good color scheme I exploited in the skin.
#5 - Morning Grace ( I had to completely make the background, and it was a request as well. I put a lot of extra effort into this skin, and it kinda shows. Plus, I like it that Karen GLOOOOOOWS.
#4 - Twilight ( : Two X skins in a row! Okay, this is the first skin that I made EXTENSIVE editting to the main. (it usedta be a group pic, ya know) This is another skin that I put extra effort into and you can tell. It's also the first skin that I used the burn and dodge tools to more than just define the outside of buttons, but the insides as well. And, it's got Nataku *droool*
#3 - On the Outside ( - Okay, it's not this high on the list because it's got my drawing on it (tho, I do like this drawing a lot). Rather, it's here because I did something completely different with the buttons, using the blur tool on them. The effect turned out rather nice. And once more, I like the color scheme here.
#2 - Strawberry Julius ( I LOVE THIS SKIN! Why? It's so damn cute. It uses a color harmony. And it's REALLY different from my normal skins. Not to mention, I love pikachu! And those strawberry sliders, I love them! I could eat this skin! Kawaii!
#1 - The Forbidden Gene ( I love getting to put my art major into action, and in this skin, I got to use it extensively. Thing number 1, it has a kick arse color scheme (blue is me fave color, bet ya never knew). Two, negative space. The buttons, instead of being drawn are what's not drawn. Three artistic nudity. (^_~) Four, it's Ayanami!
This is a fun site! Virtual Kimono You can learn about the history of kimonos and even design your own. Wow!
This is making me want to switch around what's currently on my idrive too. *ponders* yes, I shall do that.
Today I learned in speech that the type of j-pop I like the most could be classified as somewhere around "house" or "trance". Interesting....
I'm starting work on my Faye Valentine sig. ^_^

Tuesday, December 12, 2000

Pikachu Mark
Ummm.... DOn't ask. But it's cute. ^_^
You know what this means? I can be an evil super genius!
According to the test at emode my IQ is 118. And according to the test here my IQ is 153. *laughs*
Meg-chan, are Quinn and Drenn da best 'cause of what I'm thinking? (regarding certain recent e-mails you've been informing me of)
phrase of the blog: false dichotomy
*gasp* Meg-chan's blog is not working! How will I survivie? *falls over*
Ooooh, I should post my new skin on me idrive. In fact, I think I will. Don't worry, shiawase WILL get updated once it makes it's big move. More than likely that'll be after finals are over and I can actually use ft. -_- *mutters about the school server*

Monday, December 11, 2000

Hmmmmm, I'd hafta say that if I found the right person, I'd kiss them regardless of their gender.
I wonder if god knows (s)he's god? I wonder if god wants to be god? I wonder if god is lonely? I wonder if god cares?
*looks at dora's Jesus-fied blog *falls over laughing*
Hey! The name of my blog is Goddamn this Black and White in the Blue. *lol* This is too amusing.....
Some people are so ignorant. There's one specific reason I don't talk much about being depressed, and it's because of ignorant as*holes. People who think I SHOULD be able to live my life without needing drugs, who think that depression is just a state of mind, and that I should be able to get myself out of it.
Well, I CAN'T get myself out of it. I need help. And so, I am getting help. It's a hell of a lot better than what I was doing.
I SHOULD be able to live my life without needing drugs to like myself. By some twist of fate, I do. I have a terrible self-image and I've had a terrible self image for a long time. The drugs haven't changed that, but counseling will. They have kept me from having crying fits about once week and I smile more now.
Of course, this good mood has increased dramatically over the course of this week, due to certain reasons. ^_^
Yes, I admit I have problems. But I'm trying to get help. I just wish people wouldn't hold that against me.

Sunday, December 10, 2000

Hmmm, I feel the urge to work on my lian skin..... 0_o
Hmmmm..... I should scan my eva cards and put them up at