Friday, December 08, 2000

And I'm sure everyone is getting tired of THAT joke. *looks at previous post*
WHOO! I am now the "yandt" in
Today my music theme is: Chaos by Okui Masami-sensei
I suppose that last comment really shoulda been YESTERDAY. ^_^;;
Omedetou, dora-chan! She's gotten YN started today! HOORAY!

Thursday, December 07, 2000

THIS is the boa CD "race of a thousand camels" except with a new title! And it comes out January 23rd! Finally, for those of us unable to get our hands on this rather obscure CD, here's a more accessible release! *happyhappy*
Otay.... There's a moderate nudity warning. But it's a rough sketch and you can't see anything.
Mother is the first Other
Lian and his mom
Imouto, you are cuter than a bug in a rug! You're the bee's knees!
My current theme song: Komm Susser Todd
I don't know why.

Wednesday, December 06, 2000

Wanna hear something funny?


(this pointless blog was brought to you by the letter H)
My Skin desu!
Here's the main for the skin I'm working on currently. I'm stymied on the eva one I've been working on, and until inspiration hits, it will probably remain shelved with my arashi skin. >_< I can't believe I'm skinning my own art.... 0_0

Tuesday, December 05, 2000

Imouto, you are sooooooo cute! (if I blog it will be true! MWAHAHAHAHA!)
Whoo! I got mail from Quinn-chan! *dances around* We don't ask why Firefly is so hapy today, she just is!

Lian: You're talking about yourself in the third person. -_-
Firefly: So?
Lian: 0_0 You ARE in a good mood. I'm not bugging you. 0_0
ACK! One of my pots didn't make it into the bisque! ;_; This means I'm gonna be LUCKY to get a C in ceramics. Sucks to be an art major somedays.
I admit. I talk like Adam Sandler when I get hyper. >_<

Monday, December 04, 2000

I feel kinda girly being in like. ^_____^
dora-chan's Three Kyara Quiz
# 1 = Yuri
# 2 = Olivia
# 3 = Chimi
# 4 = Kigawa
# 5 = Kiih
# 6 = Shula
# 7 = Spieler
# 8 = Yuo
# 9 = Kelsen
# 10 = Len
# 11 = Lord Corwyn
# 12 = Ro
# 13 = Maya
# 14 = Mer
My results from the AH quiz:
# 1 = Marcus Caine
# 2 = Ravynn O'Brian
# 3 = Lokistrant
# 4 = Soren
# 5 = Steve
# 6 = Jesse Obscurci
# 7 = Tachiel
# 8 = Sybandial
# 9 = Jenn Cristen
# 10 = Arael
# 11 = Cadence 1
# 12 = Lexiel
# 13 = Keirn
# 14 = Lee Mason
# 15 = Lucas Hathaway
# 16 = Cadence 3
# 17 = Cameron Bennet
# 18 = Angelique Soo
# 19 = Lila Alexander
AH Kyara Quiz
A joint effort between Meg and I. Take it and find out which Angel Hunter kyara you are most like.
Just e-mail me Meagan. ^_~ I can send you the info on Angels (and what I've gotten from Meg-kohai-chan on Demons if you so desire).
I'M DEAD?!?!
I knew this would happen. I'm not a real person any more. <--what? me be like Ayanami? NEVER!
Which CLAMP series would you fit in?
#1: Gouhou Drug
#2: Clover
#3: Tokyo Babylon

Being slightly psychic, I think I'd fit in quite well in Clover. And then Suu wouldn't have to be alone. (and neither would Ran *hehehe*)
I've never heard of Gouhou Drug, so I think I shall look it up now!
Well, the first two chapter of deus ex are up, but not on xoom. I've given up on xoom for that page, so I'm putting up with the ads on spree. It's faster anyway. This is a very, very, test version of deus ex, but you all are getting the "test release" before I put it up on my main homepage.
Deus ex: the God Project the homepage!!
So, if any of you out there read my blog, tell me what you think! (and PLEASE send me any broken links)

Sunday, December 03, 2000

I'm at a vast lack of profound things to blog. 0_0