Friday, December 01, 2000

Sledding is my new favorite sport!
The American version of the trick or treat song:
Trick or Treat, smell my feet
Give us something good to eat
If you don't, I will cry
I will call the FBI

(for meg)
*sniffles* UniJeli made me cry today! Chou-chan is so cute!
*looks at the date on the blog* AAAAAH! IT'S DECEMBER ALREADY!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TIME?
*calms down a little* When one of your jobs is at the mall, December means Christmas Rush.....
But I did get paid yesterday.
Why don't you know what the heck rioi means? I finally discovered the real title to a totally awesome EVA song which I formerly called "What is the Dream?". It is "shiawase wa tsumi no rioi".
Unfortunately, I cannot find the word "rioi" in any dictionary I've tried. And it sounds more like they're saying "nioi" to me, but that makes no sense what-so-ever. With the one word missing the song title means "Happiness is a crime of (missing word)". But if it was mistyped nioi then it means "Happiness is a crime of scent" which makes NO sense what so ever.
The closest thing I can find to rioi is rio which means "riot". "Happiness is a Crime of Riots"? That doesn't make much sense either. I think I am limited to scanning in the kanji and having sensei translate them for me. >_<

Thursday, November 30, 2000

I thought my blog needed a little spiffing up. Ooooh, the title looks diiiiifffeeerrreeeennnttt!!
Firefly's Art Corner of Insanity:
Since nbci is being super retarded, I just went ahed and uploaded thse pics to my spree account. For your previewing pleasure:
Oh-hoh-yeah..... <--don't ask
I finally got the title pic finished for chapter 2 of deus ex. I drew it on different paper than i'm used to and the ink got a little bleeding.... but I'm tooooooo lazy to re-draw. And it only really annoys me that it bled on Ni-kun's face. ;_;
Oh well. Tonight I shall type up the notes to chapter 2 and put the link to the site on my blog so that you'se all can give me feedback. (should you feel it necessary.... but I'd love some!) At least informing me of broken links would be nice. nbci keeps eating my pages. 0_o
Chapter 3 shouldn't take so long to finish. I already have a sketch down for the title and side pic. ^_^ Now all I gotta do is cracking on the kyara profiles. *sigh* This page is time consuming.
We shall see, dead week starts next week and then finals! 0_0 This semester has gone by tooooo fast! After that, I have a week before imouto comes home, and the house will be AAAALLL to myself.
I'm considering arranging my links in order of who updates the most.... Some of my links, the peeps seem not to actually blog much. They did when they first got a blog, but now they don't... Would that be helpful, a waste of time, or none of the above? Does anyone care or read my blog?
*pokes various people:
Rikki: I've hit reload on your blog MANY times. It loads, but there's no text. -_-
Hoshi: Looks like the fact that I couldn't load your blog was caused by me mum's puter. It loads fine on my own. ^_^
An update: There's nothing life-threateningly wrong with my dad. *phew*

Wednesday, November 29, 2000

My dad's in the hospital..... 0_0 Anyway, I got hurry over there. So uh, for those of you who usually see me in the afternoon, that's where I'll be.
WAI! The CCS movie got here today! SANKYUU PERRY-SAMA~!
I feel all warm and fuzzy. It's snowing today and I have a nice warm scarf! And not just little snowflakes, but big fat flakes. Yes, living in an area where it actually snows for two years has not lessened my liking for snow.
AND I checked in a book today signed by Maya Angelou. She has pretty nifty hand-writing! It wasn't just any book, it was "I know why the caged bird sings" which is good. I like it a lot and I had to read it for class which is saying quite a bit about it.
You know, I never talk about myself on my blog. Maybe I should do it some more. -_-
You know, when I have all these tests and exams within such a short period of time, it usually saps out my creativity. I think that's why I haven't been drawing OR writing recently. It's realy disturbing when do neither.
Okay, not that I'm not being creative, but I don't have the time to commit to paper. I have some REALLY good picture ideas that I don't have the time to draw. ;_;

Tuesday, November 28, 2000

dora-chan! blogger didn't eat all your posts! it was me!
Well, it's not the stomach flu anymore, but we don't know what it is. ^_^;

Monday, November 27, 2000

WHOOHOO! I finally got a letter through to Kusukusu! *dances* I'm happy!
Ya know, I've been hit by a STRANGE urge to start writing lind again. 0_o It just hit me as I was walking to class today. I still like the story and all, we just hit a bump. But now the bump is gone, but I have two kyara named Mark. ^_^;;; Poe-chan.... tasukete! Tell me what you think!
Oh, oh yeah.... I finished up the HTML for chapter 2 of "deus ex". I think after I finish that, I'll put it up on a "limited release" here on my blog. All the links are working, but some of them just go to skeleton pages. Once I get all caught up chapter wise, I'll probably start a more "public" release of the page. So everybody who reads my blog gets a special (or demented) treat!
*duh nuh nuh* According to the dr's office, I have the stomach flu! And I've had it for the past week and a half. ARGH.

Sunday, November 26, 2000

Gack, Tatanya won the popularity contest on Irritability! Dammit, I KNEW I shoulda voted for Exoth. (too bad I'm lazy)
Well..... I got chapter 1 up and running and the prologue title all working. The deus ex page is moving along. However, I've run into a dilemna.
I really need a faster server than nbci, and preferably cheap to free. AND it's have to support ftp. Otherwise, it'd take me a year and a half to get all those files uploaded. (I'm at 356, not counting anything on shiwase. 0_o) Suggestion anyone?
Art Corner of Joy!
(let's not ask about that title)
Due to my recent efforts to get Billy and my little ol' Lian together, I decided to draw this pic of them. *hee* It's verra cute.
Oh, I finally watched the last ep on my dvd of Cowboy Bebop. Spike officially rocks. My only complaint is that one the back of the box is a dang SPOILER about Spike's past. (Good thing I didn't read it i\until after the ep, ne?) But that last ep (#5) was SO GOOD! I want more!