Saturday, November 25, 2000

Oooh, yesterday I gotted the third volume of lain and the first cowboy bebop dvd. The lain was my belated b-day present. I keep waiting for that series to make sense... It kinda started to at the end. *shrug* and cowboy bebop rocks! must get more! spike is my FRIEND!
*laughs evilly* I'm not the only one! Meg-chan's puter just growled at her too!

Friday, November 24, 2000

And dora, what can I say. Lian's a bit sloooow. ^_^ He doesn't catch onto the fact that people LIKE him. *heehee*
The colors on my mom's puter are psycho. 0_o

Thursday, November 23, 2000

I guess that just means I'm just depressed. Why the hell am I blogging this?
My family assures me I'm not manic depressive. YAY! ^_^
But I have had one (manic episode)... Last summer as a matter of fact. But it was brought on because they had me on steroids. Does that count? -_-
Man, last week's episode of er scared me. >_< If I have a manic episode, someone shoot me.
*hee* Lian and Billy are such a cute couple! *heeheeheehee*
WHOOHOO! This picture ranks as moderately disturbing. Well, I shall put it up once I get access to a scanner again. It's the side pic for chapter 1 of deus ex. *hee* Lian's winter uniform is cute but I rally need some darker gray pens.

Wednesday, November 22, 2000

More page status for "deus ex" (if anyone cares):
Well, the prologue is ALLL HTML-ed. BUT I think I need to edit it again. -_- (nothing serious)
I've started work on the HTML of chapter 1, and the title pic is already done for it. YAY!
But I forgot all the files at home, so that effectively curtails productiveness until I get back to the dorm. Ah well... *sigh*
Oh my goodly gracious! Due to blogger's "special-ness" this last week, I forgot to put some pics up!
Photo 1- Lian and Gabby as little kids
Photo 2- Lian and Gabby at Hallyween.
*hee* I think Lian's a cutie as a little kid. Gabby likes to mug for the camera and Lian looks like he's going to be shot. Kawaiii!
A random thought for the day:
Billy: *thinks*
(Firefly: This could take a while...)
Billy: *thinking: Lian has a nice arse. ^__^*
Lian: *thinking: Is he looking at my arse? 0_o*

Sorry, randomness from last night's RP. *heh*
My favorites food is
You eat them with syrup
And butter
They have little squares

Tuesday, November 21, 2000

I'm being an irresponsible person today. I skipped work to finish my program. It's not entirely working, but at least it compiles. I hope I'll get a moderate amount of points for it. >_<
Honestly, this has not been a fun week. My hands are shaking so bad I can hardly type. Just be glad I'm addicted to blogger or you wouldn't be reading it. ^_~ Of course, you should see my handwriting, it's REALLY gone downhill today.

Monday, November 20, 2000

Word of the day
Yupes: A mouse which can spit fireballs
I wish I had something intelligent to blog, as I haven't blogged in a while, due to retarded server problem. Let's see, something interesting happened, I am now THE MAN! It all happened when we got the school directory back. Under my name was picture someone with very dark hair and very male (neither of which I am -_- ). I kinda feel sorry for the guy, 'cause I have an exceptionally girly name. Little did I know I was a man, but now I KNOW!
Here at school, we call that directory "the stalker's handbook" so it's fine by me if my mugshot got messed up.

Sunday, November 19, 2000

*glomps blogger* I MISSED YOU! ;_; Well, I tend to be unable to blog on weekends, so now I must make up for it by blogging lots of retarded and non-sensical things. Hey, it's my blog and that's how I am!