Saturday, November 11, 2000

To Jesse
(a song imouto didn't know she was writing when she wrote it)
I'm sorry I can't be what you're looking for
And that I'm not good enough for you
I'm sorry that I try to make you talk even when you don't want to
And I'm sorry for being me when you seem to want or need someone else
What else am I supposed to be?
You wont let me be anything else save for lonely
A big phatty thanks to dora for fixing up the layout of my blog. ARIGATOU! *glomps dora*
I hafta agree with dora, my e-family should be on Jerry Springer. I'm dating my imouto's niichan. incest anyone? ^_^;;;;
my blog isn't drunk! hooray!
i think lian should where a dress more. and i think i'm going to marry a cross-dresser. @_@ i like guys in dresses WAAAAY too much.
it's snowing again! ^___^
Lian in a dress
my present for this snowy day. ^__^
interesting phrase for the day: "solomon's future reality tree"

i may borrow this for a|a
what cam is to meg, i think lian is to me. personality-wise we have too much in common. perhaps this is why i torture him so much and detest him.

votes? what should i do with "deus ex: the god project"? should I html it and put it up?
On Lucas and Rebirth
I think I surprised everyone today by not killing Lucas again when Cam resurrected him. ^_^;; I've been ranting, and ranting, and ranting. I'm just happy he's back. And apparently he had the will to come back. I think it says somewhere the love is forgiving. (but he better not do that again -_- )
Now, FOR THE RECORD, I'd like to say that I think Lucas screwed things up more than he fixed when he died. He introduced a level of instability into the universe which could have set off some EVENTS which might have ended things. And it's not to say that Mark didn't warn him and Lucas didn't listen. (hhmmm.... you do well to listen to the prophet after all @_@ )
And even if Cam won't admit it, Lucas' death has put something between him and Mark. Mark knows it. Does Cam? I can't really say. *shrug*
It is my firm belief that death solves nothing. Especially suicide.
Wow, that wasn't a very philosophical thingie to add to the conversation. Alas, I retire from philosophy for eternity.
I'm getting a bad feeling about these blood test. 0_0 I saw my omen the day before I got them done, and then I saw it again a few days ago. I can't help but feel that somehow this is all related to my bloodtests (or the elections ^_~).
The creepiest ghost I've ever heard was the tortured cat. I heard a cat getting tortured in the middle of the night. So I looked around but I never found it. Creepy, creepy ghost. Some people see 'em, I just hear 'em. ^_^; I feel sad that I couldn't help the kitty.
*stops poking dora* >_<
*hee* Note to self: Do not draw pictures of boys in skanky dresses while at home with parents around. It will scare them. (as a side note, I'll get the pic up sometime tomorrow, I hope. ^_^)

Friday, November 10, 2000

Elle from Dora-chan's story. Please excuse the writing all over it. I think I'm high from the pens. ^_^;;;

Thursday, November 09, 2000

Firefly in Pen
I don't have the right color orange for my hair, so I just used yellow. (I'm secretly blond after all). Very much inspired by the artistic style on Sketch of Love. It's got yaoi, nice art, and vampires. What more could a girl want? ^_^
Tonight's Musical Theme: Field of Love (Brain Power'd I believe)

Note to Self: Do not be left in a wierd mode and alone with Blogger for long amounts of time. @_@
WAAAAAH! Ragabash-sama I can't read the new layout on your blog, tis too dark! (watch this do nothing as no one reads my blog @_@ *pokes dora* pass along the message, ne? ^_^;; )
Sprite alert! I've been hard at work in sprite lab, producing these!
Hikari Sprite 1
Hikari in normal clothes
Hikari Sprite 2
Hikari in her white dress
Kaneko Sprite 1
Kaneko in his normal clothes (which happen to be an army uniform)
Now I gotta get cracking on the side view base, and then do side views for all these peeps. ^_^;; This is tough work!
Another note: Yes, Kohai-chan you DO look cute!
Excitin' magna news:
I know have enough proof to make a rather declarative announcement. Cardcaptor Sakura is caput in Japan. Meaning, the manga is over. I've no clue about the anime but *shrug* I don't get Japanese television.
How do I know this? November's issue of Nakayoshi did not contain CCS. And volume 12 ends with them more grown up. (I thought it was odd that their uniforms randomly changed, but they're older. And Sakura looks pretty too. ^_^)
However, there IS a color gameboy game that I thik would be cool to get. ^_^ It even looks like the runner chick is in it and that was one of my fave eps! Oh yeah, they're showing bssm reruns in Japan too! *sigh* How I wish I got Japanese television.....
WAI! Links all fixed now down at th bottom of the blog. ^_^ I really need to find a new place to put the, as they get lost all down there. @_@
I have to thank meatloaf for this wonderful thought:
"Life is lemon and I want my money back."
Now think of that as hentai lemon. @_@
I guess this ruins my plans to throw things at them at cons this summer. Oh well. ^_____^
My only hope is that someone DECENT picks up CCS, MKR, and Clover! MY vote is for Viz. *crosses fingers*

Wednesday, November 08, 2000

This just in:
According to the local paper, there's a nazi priest at my school! It's an actual headline in today's paper!
"nazi priest promotes book".
Anyway, according to the paper, this was just a typo. Yeah, 'cause Nazi looks a lot like Jesuit.

Tuesday, November 07, 2000

Mark is Sad
I'm not really sure what he's looking at, but he's sad.

Monday, November 06, 2000

These folks tell me that I am a chihauha, my flavor is peppermint, and my color is blue. Now the only one of these I'd admit to in public is being the color blue. And it was probably the most accurate one too.
Musical Theme of the Evening: Thanatos~If I Can't Be Yours

I can't believe Lucas is dead!!!! *cries*

So here we go, a strange presentation.

"So, he died?
Girl: Yeah.
"How did you feel?"
Girl: I don't know.
"You must feel something."
Girl: Well, betrayed.
Girl: A little.
Girl: He died. He left before I did. I'm alone now.
"I see. But, no one can control when they die."
Girl: That's just the thing. He killed himself.

I'm strangely attached to Lucas, even if he "not real".

"What am I if I can't be yours?"
I am blogging today. I forgot to yesterday, so I shall blog today