Saturday, November 04, 2000

today was a day. a long, long day. capitols disappeared. the big head cheese came into work. he's a scary black guy with a jamaicna-texan accent. my little boss does very funny impressions of him. it's always unnerving when big head cheese comes in. and one of my coworkers was bithcy all day and took it out on me.
i am wearing a scarf and my neck is warm. but my eyes hurt.

Thursday, November 02, 2000

Where the hell has OW go!?!?! I finished questors 19 ages ago and they STILL haven't posted it! -_-;;
Okay, movie review time. If you've not seen "Cruel Intentions" yet, and have a desire to watch it still, do not continue. If you like the movie, or are offended by repeated use of "s" word, do not continue. Now that you have been warned....
"Cruel Intentions"
Let me just start by saying that I did NOT like the movie. And it must have been written by a man. It glorified sex and let it replace love. But let's start at the beginning.
The whole movie starts out with the dumb boy protagonist, Seabastian, in therapy. Turns out he'd taken nuaghty photos of the therapists' daughter. The therapist loses her cool and Sebastian doesn't. He's made to look "cool" for his abusive use of women, while the mother (and all parents throughout the entirity of the film, if they appear at all) are made to look old-fashioned, stodgy, and generally "uncool".
The actual PLOT begins when Sebastian takes on a bet to do the new headmaster's daughter (who happens to be a virgin, as declared in "seventeen") against his sister Catherine (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar with brown hair! *gasp*). Anyway, the prize is that he gets to sleep with his step-sister if he wins. Yay.
Meanwhile, Catherine is tring to ruin Cecille, who's a "sweet innocent thing". Cecille is a complete and total dork. Want to know why? She's not sleeping around.
At this point, I might add that the movie throws in a gratuitous lesbian scene. Cecille and Catherine have a nice steamy kiss in the park. In which we get to see lots o' tongue. Did I mention I think this movie was written by a guy?
And a rather fakey romance is going on between Sebastian and the Virgin Girl (VG now, since I can't remember her name). Somehow he manages to convince her to get into the pool with him, and he flashes her too. Anway, any sane person that has her high moral ideals would probabl have left at this point, but VG sticks around.
VG and Sebastian go to a nursing home together and on the trip back, VG amanges to get him to laugh. And for this he falls in love with her. That night, he tries to guilt trip her into sleeping with him. He goes on about how she's turning her back on love. AND THEN SHE AGREES TO SLEEP WITH HIM!
It's the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Earlier in the movie, she SAID that "people our age don't know what love is". Yet, here's this guy she's known about three days and she's so in love with him that she's willing to go back on all these beliefs that she's held for years just so that she can please the stupid idiot who's trying to make her feel guilty enough to sleep with him!
Did I mention that Sebastian and Cecille sleep together? Well, they did. He's so in love with VG, that he's sleeping with other women. It's like a total 180 in two days, or a gaping plot hole.
Blah, then Sebastian and VG sleep together. Wonderful romantic love. Or something. The actual love in this relationship pretty much amounts to sex. And there you have it.
At this point, one of m friends commented, "This is like the ultimate good redeeming evil." Yeah, if redemption was sex.
For some bizarre reason I reall can't name, he admits all this to his manipulative sister. Right down to the fact that he loves her. Catherine convinces him that he doesn't really love her and threatens his rep. At which point, Sebastian stalks out and tells VG that she was pretty much another trophy to hang on the wall.
Once more, what a wonderful romance we have. Sebastian is SO in love with VG that he cuts off the relationship at the threat of his reputation! Yet, the movie expects us to believe there's some kind of "honor" or something in this, at least that it's okay.
Because, Sebastian feels so bad, he gives VG his journal. I might add that this is the journal that he's been wirting all of his "conquests" in. Yes, what a way to impress a girl, show her what a creep you are and how many women you've slept with and how much you really don't care. Somehow this makes Cecille feel better because it says she's "the best". That'd make me feel a lot better.
Then, in the entirity of the whole town of NY, VG runs into Sebastian during a fight. I blinked and I missed why, but somehow she ended up in the middle of the road. Sebastian heroically saves her and dies after getting hit by a car. Sebastian has been redeemed of all the evil he's done and so forth. Well, he's dead and now he's SUCH a tragic figure.
Then, during her funeral, Catherine gives a speech. Everyone gets up and leaves in the middle of it. Why? Because VG has made copies of Sebastian's journal and handed them out to everyone. Great way to honor the guy, interupting his funeral like that. Anyway, Catherine sheds a single tear because Sebastian called her "the bitch". That was just a little bit much, that single tear.
And then VG drives off in Sebastians' car, 'cause I bet he had time to re-write his will before he died, knowing that he was going to get hit by a car, so that VG would end up with that car instead of Catherine. I might add here that VG is now "cool" as well, since she's had sex.
Thus ends the synopsis and critique. But look forward towards a look at the sexism within the movie.

Wednesday, November 01, 2000

Aaaw.... *sniffle* UniJeli is sad today.... ;_;
Blah.... I had intentions to review the stupid movie I watched last night (cruel intentions). But maybe later. I think I'll go play Neopets for a bit first.
Oh, and read Kohai-chan's story! YAY!
Skin Update:
Okay, well, I've no officially started work on my newest skin. I finished up the main, the buttons, and the balance. I've done draft 1 of the eq, but I'm in the process of redo-ing the sliders. I really hate them, they are FAR to bright! But in this rendition they are too boring. @_@ I'll find a happy medium, I swear it!
Should I put a pic of the main? I never REALLY finish the main until after I've done the text and numbers, which is usually last. So it's bound to change. Oh well, if I get some requests, I'll put it up.

Tuesday, October 31, 2000

To Meg: Send me the story dangit.
Oh yeah, and you don't understand. It's not Canadian lit, it's CANADA BOOKS! Books about Canada. Nothing interesting. Mostly stuff about the medical system or other lame Canada stuff. Everything is a Canada book in disguise.....
And why are they evil? BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO LC!!!! AAAAAAHHHH!!!! (what's an LC? it';s secret library lingo, I tell you!)
I went over to my friends house in order to give candy to the trick-or-treaters. We had A trick-or-treater. One. And it was their neighbor. Oh well, I had fun. But I didn't change into my costume. ;_;
Ple, but now I feel sick, so I think I'll refrain from blogging for a bit.
*heehee* I sent in a UniJeli fanart. It got put up this morning, so all of you check out the fanart page!

Monday, October 30, 2000

*looks at the two previous posts* Wow, big day in my comic world.
*fangirlish KYAAAAAAAA!!!* Irritability updated! KYAAAAA!!
WAI! Unicorn Jelly has moved into chapter two today! And Chou-chan is so cute!!
I think part of my personality is Ayanami.
I've been accused of being much like Rei in the past. (cold and distant, in fact the guy used those words to link the two of us together) And now I'm being told I have no personality (like rei).
I am Ayanami.
Nani ga naiteru no?
Wow! Read [fragile] and Demon Slayer L right now!!
Get 'em here! under the kamishibai section.
It's not everyday you get called a billboard of annoyance. But today I did. I guess that was brought on by my attire. Okay, my blue's clues backpack and pikachu shirt to be precise. I like cartoons, okay?
Today I learned that someone (perhaps the canadian government) is giving our library money to buy Canadian books. I had to wonder why in the world someone was giving us money to buy canada books. (canada books are evil, villianous things, BTW)
Then it struck me. They want me to become Canadian! These people are sending millions of dollars to turn me into a Canadian! I don't wanna worship maple leaves! NOOO!!! NO MAPLE LEAF!!! AAAAHH!!!
I'm currently addicted to this site. WAI! Kacheeks are so cool!!!

Sunday, October 29, 2000

Oh! And yesterday was the second improv show of the year. Twas veddy cool. I brought my friend and her little brother. So I missed out on the halloween party. Ah well, Tuesday I'm giving out candy at my friend's house in my St. Tail costume.
Lesse, I can't really remember any specifics except:
"My father was God once, when he was elected."
"Oh? When was that?"
"Um, a few years ago."
"That explains Vanilla Ice."

Movie Review:

Well, I bought "Run, Lola, Run" yesterday off the previously viewed shelf. Twas dubbed, but that was what they had. Anyway, here's a moderately non-spoilerful review.
The dub job was retty good. About the only one that was REALLY bugging me was Lola, but she could scream pretty well.
Okay, the music kicks ass too. If for no other reason, get this movie just to listen to the music!!!
The plot itself was pretty cool too. It's about a girl with bright red hair (lola) who gets a paniced call from her boyfriend (mannie) 'cause he needs $100, 000. The movie is pretty much about how she goes about getting $100, 000 in 20 minutes.
The story is told with good music, and nifty special effects. It's like a 60 minute music video without the half-dressed women. Oh, and a plot. It's strange but nifty!