Friday, October 27, 2000

Oh, cute things I see on campus:
Wednesday afternoon, I was leaving work and walking back to my dorm. It looks all nice and fall-like out. Our lawn is all covered in leaves and the trees are all yellow and brown. It's very pretty out.
However, I walked by a dad and his two sons having a picnic on the campus under some of those fall tress. Why they were having a picnic, I don't know. Frankly, the weather wasn't really great. However, one of them had a harmonica. And the kids were bugging the dad to play it, and so he did. And he played with all the skill of a second grader. I just thought it was cute to see some dad acting like a goof. *hee*

Ja! I'm off to eat dinner. yummy, we're going out for chinese food!!
Oh! Fun improv report. Last night at practice, the guys all decided to show off by taking their shirts off. I didn't mind one bit. ^__^ Sadly, I was at a rather bad angle for a lot of guy viewing. However, on of the cutest guys took of his shirt, and all the girls started cheering. *hee* I do wish that the guy I secretly think is cute woulda taken off his shirt. Ah well. I did get to watch him glomp a whole bunch of other guys (twice) which I watched with my usualy yaoi mindset. That was good too.
However, I felt pretty miserable through out all of practice. I was sad that I didn't get to play any of the games. I felt like I'd throw up if I went on stage. ^_^;; Oh yeah, and my stupid ex does NOT know how to take a hint. I still think he wants to get back together with me. In fact, he even BOUGHT me something.
Ah well, I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Second show of the year. Yay! And after that is Halloween Party, which I think I will go to if it isn't too far. I don't drink mind ya, but i do like getting to wear my costume everywhere. If nothing else, I'll wear it to the show. I don't really think I'll be able to wear it anywhere on Tuesday. ;_; Stupid doctor's appointment.
I really wanted to put up that pic of Ophelia today, but I'm here, at my parent's house, and the files are all at home. Oh well, I bet the world can wait, ne?
WAI! I got paid today. Uh, it was massivelyboring today. I had one class in which I sat around, wondering what to do to my homepage. And then I went to work. Well, I got carrot cake outta the deal, so's I guess it's all good. ^_^ OH! And I get paid Tuesday as well! YAY!

Thursday, October 26, 2000

*yaaaawns* Well, I'm off to bed. Dear blog, remind me to make that appointment to get the bloodwork done. OYASUMI!
Yup! And it's official. Lupin is the coolest kyara out of Harry Potter. My, how I wish he weren't fictional. ;_; (well, and he'd probably be a little old for me anyway... ^_^;; )
These people say may angel is Raphael. What a jip! He happens to be the only angel that gets two months. Great, this means my angel gets double duty, and I'll get the short stick. And health awareness my arse. ^_^;;

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

Oh, today's art section:
Mark at the Park (that's a rhyme, right Kohai-chan?)
Lupin-sama!! Fanart from the Harry Potter books
Hmmmm..... I'm down to 18 pages in my sketch book. 0_o I think I need to replace it when I get paid. At my current rate of consumption, that'll last a week. ^_^;; Ah, you've been a trusty old sketchbook. *patpat*
Well, in other news, I'm rather furstrated with my LACK of drawing ability. *rants and raves* Oh well, I'll keep drawing a lot everyday and someday I'll get REALLY good. (perhaps)

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Cam Sprite
Mark Sprite
A happy set of sprites! Aren't they cute? ^__^
Lian: And speaking of writing, you might be able to finish chapter four if you stopped blogging, Firefly.
Firefly: URUSAI!!!!! *kicks lian*
Lian: 0_o Hey!
Firefly: I never said I'd be good today!! *ahahahahaha!* <--dilandau laugh
Lian: -_-;; Peachy.
Scott: You said peachy. *heh*
HEY! I need stuff to read. I know that some of you all are authors, so write something. Then give it to me so I can read it!!! (I'm being demanding. ^_^;; )

Lian: Damn straight.
Firefly: *snorts* That's rather ironic, coming from you.
Lian: What exactly are you implying?
Firefly: Nothing. ^_^***
What? What happened to all the art? I was promised art!

Sheesh, chill out. I had a little problem with uploading things to my spree site. ^_^;; So here ya go!!!

Mira for imouto (tis one o' her kyara)
Eva Wallpaper that I put together from some piccies. (tis cute!!)
Lian Again. I like drawing him. ^_^;;;

Monday, October 23, 2000

Courtesy of Globe:
She biting her nails. She's biting her nails. She's hiding her face. She's hiding her might.
*loooooooks at dora* Don't make me blog you another special message.
WAAAAAAH! My stomach still hurts!!!! And Lucas won't turn me into a vampire so it'll go away. Curses.
At school we have a wall on which everyone spray paints the advertisements for things going on this week. Well, it's breast cancer awareness and intimate partner viloence awarenees month. Those advertisements got only PARTIALLY painted over this week. And I wonder if they meant to do this, for now it reads "October is.... intimate Breast" ^_^;;

Sunday, October 22, 2000

I splurged today at the grocery store. I bought chocolate chip cookis and belgian waffles. ^___^ I think everyone thinks I have an eating disorder or something. Anyway, and now I hafta make an appointment to go see the doctor because my stomach hurts ALL the time. ^_^;;
Welll... If I blog, maybe it'll happen.

Dora-chan, read Lian's story!!!!
Has anyone else besides me notice that my blog has kinda into an online journal and some place to post my drawings? Well, I HAVE!
And in an effort to relieve the blah of my blog, here goes
An Ode to Shi
He is the bestest sempai there will ever be
I love him from my head down to my knee
He's got lotsa pets
But they don't see any vets
I think they're cute (long as it's not me)
What the hell, I'll put up another kyara sketch. This be Rush. He's from an idea I'm considering called "conscience". Happens to be a rather fighting conscience.
His name was rather inspired by the Kanno Yoko song that popped up when I was trying to name hime. (guess what song it was? Not Rush. ^_^;;; )
The Daily Blog:
Wow! I went to work! IT's the weekend! Such a surprise! Oh well...
The exciting thing at work was... Well, let's start at the beginning.
I'm not sure if I've complained enough yet, but my stomach hurts when I eat. Friday was really bad, so I decided not to eat dinner or breakfast this morning. Anyway, this is BAD for me. I tried to pass out at work TWICE. The second time the made me eat. And now mini-boss is gonna be mad if I don't eat!! 0_0 (mini-boss is scary!!!)
And then I came home. I was s'posed to meet someone for coffee, but I was sick so I didn't. ^_^;; I never go out anymore. Blah! Boring Firefly!