Saturday, October 21, 2000

I FINALLY updated my winamp skin page. *gasp* I've had this one on my HD forever!!!
Shiawase Anime Skins
Now all's I gotta do is finish up the Lan skin and the Arashi skin I've been working on for months.
Oh yeah! I drew Sempai and me today!
*hee* I think it's insanely cute for some reason.
The Daily Blog:
I have one class today. I went. And then foru hours of work. *duh nuh* I met my dad for coffee (which was also lunch for me, so I bought some pumpkin bread) and then he fixed my computer! I feel really dumb, 'cause if I was smart I could have located it myself.
Anyway, Shi has become Shi-sempai today. And he's teaching me how to torture people. (especially lian, YAY!)
Lian: There! If Meg reads your blog she'll know that you've been beating me up. I don't HAVE to tell her. You're big mouth did.
Firefly: OOOH! You're so mean to me! *kicks lian around* Look, Sempai, I'm practicing!!
Lian: 0_o

Friday, October 20, 2000

Ya know, I always thought depressed people walked around in a land of grayscale or something. Like, if you were depressed, all the color drained out of the world. Oh yeah, and you got tunnel vision. That would be depression. It would be dark and colorless.
Ummmm....... Lesse..... I went to class today. There was a take home test that I forgot about. I ate cereal for breakfast. And then I went to ceramics. I got a 69 on my test, which is a lot better than I'd hoped for but not as good as I wanted. I went in and took the stupid depression index test today at the counselors office. Well, I scored in the "severe to extremely depressed" range. Yay! Which takes me to why I forgot about the stupid take home comp-sci test. And then I went to work. Afterwards, I went home and got food from my family. My sister won't talk to me.

Thursday, October 19, 2000

I just also thought I'd share that I feel very frustrated with this day. And I keep blogging later and later at night. I wonder why this is?
The Daily Blog:
Lesse..... I've pretty much studied, classed, or drawn all day. It's been long. And my screen is still stuck at 600X400. I'm keepin' this short. Good night!

Wednesday, October 18, 2000

In other news, I've discovered a rather special online comic this week
Because Exoth is damn cool! (and I like robot too. ^__^)
The Daily Blog:
I am tired. Too much homework.
Okay, I woke up too late today. I quickly ate some breakfast and then ran off to class. There was a ceramics test I forgot to study the right stuff for. (mind you, I DID study)
And then I had a program due in comp-sci. 0_0 Well, I went to the class and finished it.
I worked in gifts all day at the stupid library. *blech* I hat e do ing gifts. But alas, I am getting paid to do them.
Anway, then I did FAR too much homework today. I should have doen it over the weekend but I'mm dumb and didn't.
Oh, yeah, and my graphics drivers broke today. I'm stuck in 600X400 and 16 colrs. yay! don't expect to see any art out of me until I get the problem fixed.

Monday, October 16, 2000

The Dail Blog:
Today was my day off. It's flounders' day and the schoool celebrates by shutting nearl everything down (including most of the computer labs).
Anyway, I spent 3/4 of the day working on my computer program for comp-sci. It semi on it's way to working. And when I wans't doing that it was study for my ceramics midterm. 0_0 I have so much stuff due in the next two days. <--near panic mode
Anyway, I'm done with that. MY day has been remarkably homework oriented.
Oh! But I did finish up some drawings.
Inky Lian
*hee* Disturbing pic of Lian Just for Shi. (or rather, inspired by Shi) ^_^;;

Well, at this point, I'd like to say that I like to draw disturbing things. And I like to draw Lian 'cause his hair is so much fun! JA!
oooh... I forgot to blog yesterday!!! Why? I have this stinky comp-sci program due tomorrow. and joy of joys, the comp-sci server is down so now I can't work on it. ;_;