Saturday, October 14, 2000

The Daily Blog:
I went to work. I came home. Had dinner with about twelve people. Ended up getting my weekend "yay! let's spaz because it's the weekend and I must get overly upset about something or I wouldn't be me" done. It's not been a fun night. Anyway.... Lame daily blog, but I don't feel like talking about it.

Friday, October 13, 2000

The daily Blog:
Today I actually had fun! Imouto spent the night. I had to take a math test (which I probably failed) but I didn't go into work today. Instead, I went thrift store shopping!
Imouto and I looked at all the halloween clothes. Itold her she should dress like harry potter for halloween. Anyway, I did find some actual clothes. I think I have a jacket fetish because I bought to jackets. One nifty reddish-brown leather one and one jean jacket. The jean jacket one I plan to psiff up to make look nifty.
Then Imouto and I went to the comic book store. I got the fourth CCS OST! YAY!
And then I went and got my paycheck, deposited it and had general fun!
Then was dinner. It's kinda been a nice day.

Thursday, October 12, 2000

I don't think I'm going to get in a daily blog today, but here are some random comments out of my mind.


And.... umm..... I think that's it.

Wednesday, October 11, 2000

Artsy-fartsy stuff:
I like it when they let me verify videos. It means I get to draw while everything fast forwards and stuff. And this is what I drew. ^__^ I think he looks cute, but imouto sas he has a big head. (I think it's that I didn't draw the shoulders wide enough. ^_^;;; )
The Daily Blog:
Well, it's wednesday, which means I have my stupid night drawing class. M prof is having a show soon, so he's rarely in class. We just stand around and draw. But to start at the beginng...
I woke up late and rushed to work. Verified books. ^_^;;
Went to all my classes. I found out today that my cirtical thinming prof usedta be depressed. 0_o (or still is....) Either way, as profs go, he's pretty cool.
Then I went to work. Today is short work day. Verified videos.
Then I came back here and wrote the whole first chapter of the story I'm working on. I'm not sure of it's final format yet, so I'm refraining from posting for the time being. I had an epiphany today during class, which got me past writer's block. And I've started the second chapter already.
Speaking of the things i've written, I REALLY don't think the little Cam and Lexiel story is THAT great. ^_^;;;;; (Meg-chan reviewed it for me)
Anyway, then m stupid drawing class, which I won't go over again.
End day.

Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Oh, I also thought I'd add that I bought a splendid jacket that I call my "bad buff jacket". It makes me feel like Buffy (from buffy the vamp slayer) when she's being evil. ^_^;; It's black!
TADA! New pic from me! Chibi Lian-kun!
(the OTHER Lian. ^_^;;;; )
The Daily Blog:
Today is a special day. For no real reason other than.... it was ceramics day!!!
For breakfast was cereal, frosted shreddy wheat. YAY! I'm almost outta milk so I'll hafta go shopping again. But I can't go shopping with my family anymore. Nope, not anymore.
So, then ceramics. I think my pot wants to be turned into a demented tea pot. It said so. ^__^
Then, I came home. I was SUPPOSED to take a test, but they didn't have it in their office. SO that's postponed until Thursday.
Then I made a counselors appointment to talk about my desire to change majors.
THEN I went to computer science. I'm mad at that class so instead of taking notes, I doodled.
Next, it was time for me to go to work. YAY! I worked in acquisitions <--note the sarcasm. I hate working in acquisitions 'cause that means I have to touch the icky books.
As I was walking back, I spotted a barbeque. So, I got free barbeque for dinner. YAY!
Now I shall sign off, having shared the joy of barbeque in the rain. JA!

Monday, October 09, 2000

The Daily Blog:
Well, I have cereal again. So I ate it for breakfast. Yum!
Well, anyway, then I went to work. I verified books n stuff.
Then it was class. All normal, except math is getting WAY over my head. I think I need to change majors to something that doesn't require as much math. And I'm sick of comp-sci anyway.
More work. Searched and verified videos. I wasn't feeling artistically inspired, so I didn't draw as much today.
Then I came home. Tonight for dinner is leftovers from going out to eat. Twas m birthday dinner, but a month late. (I was sick on m birthday. But I did have the da off. ^____^)
"Nee.... What happened to you?"
Tho no one has asked, I just thought I'd say. Me wondrous Imouto came home, and I spent the weekend hanging with her. ^___^