Friday, October 06, 2000

I just thought I'd add something really quick. Today while I was walking around campus, I saw two rather ordinar people walking their goats. ^_^;; They were cute goats.
Today the stuck me verifing videos. About one minute out of ten is spent in verifying. The other 9 are fast forwarding and rewinding. This gave me lotsa time to draw. And here's what I produced:
Cam lookin' studly
Kawaii neko Mark
Anyway.... Now, back to your regular blog.

Thursday, October 05, 2000

The Daily Blog:
Today was ceramics day. So I finished up my beehive pot and start on my next pot. It's going to be a big funky looking blob pot again. I like making them, it is most fun.
Then I went home and finished the part of my comp-sci assignment that was due today.
I went to comp-sci only to discover that the dealine had been postponed until Tuesday. @_@ Oh well, at least I'm ahead for once, I can get started on the next part.
So.... I went to work, ran to the bank. I almost fell asleep at work, what they had me doing was more boring that usual.
I drew a pretty pretty picture today too! Mark dressed up as Shinji
I like it. ^___^
Thus, I sign off. Tis time for me to go improv. JA!
The Daily Blog:
(for yesterday, not the time at the bottom, it is actually just VERY early in the morning)
I woke up and ate cereal for the first time in days. It felt ~good~. I love cereal, but a reason bout with illness has made me not want to eat it.
Then it was work. Boring.
I went to all my classes. Actually, I decided to go to critical thinking an hour early. I looked around at the people and said, "Gee, this isn't my class. Now it's time for math!" I felt really dumb and hurried out of the room.
When I showed my sick note to my speech teacher, he asked me what was wrong, and I said, "I was puking." He asked me if I know what was wrong and I told him that the nurse had told me that it was probably cafeteria food (heh) or stress. At which point he launched into a long shpiel about how we make our own stress. C'mon, I'm a computer science major. The way I make my own stress is by choosing this stupid major!
Then, back to work. I verified books all day today.
I went to the computer lab and worked on ym new comp-sci assignment. I can't believe we have another one already. I got most of what's due tomorrow done today. YAY!
I also worked on my math homework and so forth. Ple. I hate math.
My parents came by and brought me my car. YAY! It's all fixed! Now all I have to do is find time to go to the bank. ^_^;;

Tuesday, October 03, 2000 has the coolest antique clothes! I think everyone should check it out. Kirei!!
The Daily Blog:
*sigh* Well, I really wanted to take the day off after being sick, but I had my stupid comp-sci test today.
Anyway, so I woke up and ate a bagel for breakfast.
First class of the day is ceramics. My pot is starting to look more and more demented. I think it looks like a beehive that's smoked too much crack.
Then, I have a short break which I used to study for the quiz and start a new skin. (more skinning that studying. ^_^;; )
Then, comp-sci. I got out 20 minutes early, so I went back to the dorm and had lunch. The test... the verdict is still out on that. I did get my assignment back. I got a 90. YAY!
Work next. I HATE checking the gift books. They're dirty, they smell. They're old. I wonder if I'm neaurotic about avoiding old smelly things? I almost couldn't breath around them.
I came back here. Next, I hae GUTS practice. Because if I don't go then SOMEONE will call, which I'd really rather avoid.
I forgot to blog my day yesterday. Here we go:
I was sick. I watched TV and threw up.
The end. Now wasn't that eduational, boys and girls?

Monday, October 02, 2000

Wee! I'm sick again! ;_;

Sunday, October 01, 2000

"Lexiel...?" It wasn't a common name, but not unheard of among Angels. It meant "the truth of God". Cadence had always been glad that Demons didn't name their children "the truth of Cadence".
~line from the thingie I'm working on. For some reason, I find this amusing. Maybe I'm conceited.
I love artichoke dip! Yum! It's all cheesy and garlicky!
I am officially having a hard time with this story. And I wanna see my kohai-chan's story too.... ;_; Anyway, the both of us are on a writing kick recently. Maybe it's cause I haven't been working almost 24-7 on a stupid comp-sci assignment for almost a week now. Feels good!
The Daily Blog:
I woke up. Seems very odd to be sleeping at my parents' house without them there. Anyway, my boss cam eand picked me up, but she was a little late, and I thought that she'd forgotten about me.
Work was interesting. I still couldn't get a hold of my parents so my boss ended up having to drive me home too. ^_^;; (it's all okay, the boss hat drove me home was just the little boss. ^_~)
Okay, so finally I got a hold of my parents. And then they bring my stuff to me, yay!
Now I gotta get caught up on all he homeowrk I didn't do all weekend. ;_;