Saturday, September 30, 2000

The Daily Blog:
Woke up. Wrote a little bit of yet another Cadence and Lexiel thingie.
Went to work. It was... an interesting day. Kinda busy. Twas the "grand re-opening" at the mall at which I work. So everybody and their mother was there.
I stopped at the grocery store on my way home. See, I tried to make hot artichoke dip before work, but I was out of parmesan cheese. I decided to get parmesan cheese and some milk for my dorm. This was all fine and good but, then my car wouldn't start!
We had to jump start it two times just to get out of the parking lot! *rants*
Anyway, so now I'm home, safe and sound. But one of my bosses hasta come pick me up at work tomorrow so that I can go to work. ^_^;; Strange, ne?
Well, i've realized that my blog must be exceptionally boring. I believe I should check out thos "blogs of the week" and try to find somehting a little more interesting to do that give very blah recitations of my day. ^_^;;

Friday, September 29, 2000

The Daily Blog:
Today is my lite class load. I have tons of tests next week to study for, but I'm really not too concerned. (critical thinking is not too hard)
Went to work for four hours. Spent a lot of the time dealing with books to be withdrawn, and then searching. but no verifying from me today!!
Anyway, math is getting very special. That prof is one of my faves. ^_^
Well, I'm at home now. I got yummy, yummy good. yay! *dances*

Thursday, September 28, 2000

Okay, I just went ahead and posted it.... ^_^;; The disturbing pic!!
Warning! Um.... It's not a happy pic.... ^_^;;
Whoohoo... This is what happens when you forget to hit "publish". I'd had something written on the AH blog, but I forgot to hit publish for like the past two days. ^_^;;;
In other news, I finished the disturbing picture. I'm not really sure where to post it....
The Daily Blog:
Hmmm.... I WENT TO CERAMICS TODAY!!! It's my favorite class of the semester!!! Started my third coil pot. I'm gonna make it pretty and textured. ^____^
Then, cam ehome and goofed off for once.
Next, went to comp-sci. We have a new programming assignment0_0. MAn, will these things ever end?
Went to work. I started learning how to search things on CARL./ I'm gonna be a library expert before the years i over. ^_^

Hmmm.... This is like the first time in two weeks that I haven't been rushing to the computer lab between classes. YAY! I had actually intended to stay at ceramics and work on my pot today, BUT I think I need to just think about how I want to end it. (i'm ahead o the class anyway).
Anyway, here's a pretty story for you all. Yesterday, I was running late to my drawing class as always. I cam in as the teacher was starting his little speech. As I walked in, he decided to announce that I look like a russin gymnast. @_@ I hope I'm not that flat.
Voice: You are.
Well, I'm drawing a very disturbing picture.... ^_^;; *looks at sketchpad* Oh well....

Wednesday, September 27, 2000

On a differnt note, I am rebelling from my drawing class by DRAWING WHAT I WANT!
Well, something I've been meaning to do for a while. This is the kyara sketch for Keirn, my friendly, friendly kyara. I like guys in uniform what can I say!!
Just kidding... Well, don't click there if you don't wanna see Keirn. Otherwise, click there!!
The Daily Blog:
It was oatmeal or breakfast againtoday. But I did watch Blue's Clues finally. ^__^ Cute little kitty named periwinkle in it!!
Went to work. Searched books. No music. (I did igure out how to get the computer to play CDs, but I orgot my headphones -_-;; )
Went to my classes. I had to give a speech, but I spoke WAY too fast. Nezxt time, I should remember not to drink coffee before giving a speech. ^_^;;
More work. But this time I catalogued soeme stuff for the ESL peeps.
Went home and played on the internet. ^_^ whoo!
Went to my drawing class. I'm getting more and more rustrated with that thing!!! I hate having to draw to a formula... ;_; Good news is, I don't think I have to go next week yay!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2000

The Daily Blog:
Woke up and ate oatmeal and apple sauce for breakfast. Went to work. I didn't actually watch any TV today. Tho, I think I should (tis new episodes of blue's clues with the cute little kitty in it!)
Went to ceramics. It was lots of fun. I finished up my second coil pot assignment. I think it looks cool, even it totally difent than everyone elses'. *shrug* I also started another pinch pot to be burnished since my first one was UGLY!
Cam back to the dorm and rewrote the stupid EvalPost() function. It works now! Anyway, then I went and tested it. Didn't work quite yet.
Went to comp-sci. Got busted for not actually having done the homework. ^_^;; Ooops.
Next was work. Twas long and boring. MY CD WALKMAN IS BROKEN!!! 0_0 I'm really depressed about this....
Okay, then I had five hours before the deadline of my comp-sci program. Did it in two! YAY! *dances*
So then I came home and scrounged around for dinner. I miss home cooking. ;_;
Fuuny, I don't feel like writing in my blog until I have to work on homework. Funny how that works, isn't it? ^_^;;

Monday, September 25, 2000

The Daily Blog:
I woke up this morning after having a really disturbing dream. I'm not putting that one up, thank you very much. I believe it was inspired but what I'm currently writing. 0_0 Man, I'm getting WAY to involved with my kyara.
Yesterday, I ate the last of my tootie frooties (cheap-o cereal!). I spent the big bucks and bought myself reese's peanut butter puffs. And that's what I had for breakfast! However, I did finish up my milk, so until I get the energy to hit the store, looks like oatmeal for breakfast.
Then I went to work. Was boring as always. Just gotta remind myself that I'm getting paid. ^_^;; The dood I work with showed up 15 minutes late and played on the internet for the whole hour before my classes started.
I went to Discrete math (fun stuff... anyway) and I got my test back. 63% yay! I passed! *dances*
Then it was off to Critical Thinking. I got my homework assignment back with a perfect. ^_^
Then speech. Had to listen to several speeches about pet peeves and the stuff they liked. I got the impression that some of these people had never done public speaking before. Others were pretty good at it.
I picked up a copy of the school paper. I was not very impressed with the column my friend wrote. (sorry dood. ^_^;;) I thouhgt it was just silly and ignored one important fact which kinda made his argument invalid.
Then back to work. More searching and verifying. I think I'll die of fun on that job.
So, now I work on this computer program!! WHICH ISN'T WORKING! *throws it against wall* I feel better now... ^_^;;
I'm angry and depressed at the moment. I have to work on stupid comp-sci program. I don't feel the energy and I really just wanna bag it. Okay, I will work on it for 1 hour! Just one ya hear! I don't really feel like being a good student today.
In other news, I actually did start my mean story. And I can't believe I'm writing something this sick.... But it's possessing me and I must finish it!!! sorry, Mark-chan.
Today, someone actually was impressed by the doodles in my notebook. Twas Mark. I think I should scan that doodle 'cause it's really cute. ^_^
I'm hungry too. I don;t have time to eat lunch anymore on Monday and Wednesday. When I don't eat I get really wahcko... ^_^;

Sunday, September 24, 2000

That does it! I'm going to be very, very mean to Mark. (but when am I not? *sigh)
okay... I'm gonna stop blogging so that I can write.
I have to apologize I completely forgot to write anything in the AH blog until a few minutes ago... ^_^;; Man, I suck..... (Ignore me, I'm in a state of self-bashing depression)
And now I am depressed. I blame it all on Mark! (I tend to get depressed when he does) Of course, it certainly doesn't help that Cam is agonizing of SOMETHING! But he won't say what!
Doesn't it seem silly that I get this involved with imaginary people? (but I love my imaginary people)
I've tried everythign I can think of to stop feeling depressed -- and finally decided to read some funny kamishibai. Trying to get the guy to go with the guy in Bittersweet Romance was fun! (you all should play it play it!!!)
and BTW, thanks Alex for the creme filled lemony goodness of that pretty story!!! ^____^
I have the strange urge to write something really cruel to Mark. Anyway, I want to hurt something and Mark is an easy target. (he don't fight back) Being mean to Mark is better than some other things I could be doing, ne?
*cheers shinohara-sensei for helping to feel genki*
I also want to draw mean stuff to Mark.... I think I'm sick... ^_^;;
A blog of my day:
I woke up, ate cereal. Went to work, ate a pretzel. Came home. Blogged my dream. Don't that sound exciting? Actually, Sundays at work aren't too bad. My bosses are nutcases tho. ^_^;;
Today's music theme: 19 o' Clock News by Tokio.
My hero is still Shinohara-sensei!!!
I've started a pretty new skin as of last night. I'm not sure when it will be done, I gotta lot of homework due this week. ^_^;; Ah well....
TADA! I actually have a dream worth noting on my blog. ^_^;;
Some friends and I have gone out to eat breakfast (in our pajamas). While we were in the restaurant, some cars were racing down the street, and through the cars on the side of the road if they got in the way of the cars. My car happened to be one of them, unfortunately.
So we walked down the road to the mall. I had to buy new clothes because I couldn't return home (being as my car was busted). I went to work and they were selling Pretzel Time t-shirts there. They were ugly pink and black like the uniforms. For some reason, I thought the people at work might help me get some new clothes. I was in pj's therefore, without purse. However, they wouldn't help me and I left.
Somehow, I ended up in parking garage. I was still looking for clothes.
And then the dream ended. ^_^;;
I wish I knew some more dream symbolism, as this dream actually has something in it that I KNOW is trying to tell me something, but I know not what.