Saturday, September 23, 2000

MY COMPUTER IS COMPLETELY HAPPY! well, I got it back up on the network now. ^___^

Friday, September 22, 2000

WAI! Oh yeah, my computer is finally happy again!!!!!
News just in! Mark is dense!
Firefly's Happy Happy Blog Show!!!
Firefly: For today show, we're going to interview... Um... Shi! Yeah! *wanders off to find shi*
Camera: *dead air*
Firefly: Oops... Well, here, watch a who's line rerun while I'm gone!
*who's line rerun pops up*
*sings a pretty song she wrote* Cam's an H! And he's spach! And he likes Rach! And nothing rhymes with H!
YAY! An AH blog run be me n Kohai-chan!!!
I'm blog happy!!!
Well, my computer isn't entirely running still. *sigh* Perhaps it will eventually fix itself!!! I want a self-fixing computer!! @__@

BTW, I bought the fabric for my halloween costume. I'm gonna be st. tail!!! (none of the ladies at the fabric store had ANY idea what I was talking about. ^_^;; )
Oh yeah, more stuff to Chibi Alex-chan (since the chances that I'll see her today is slim. My puter is still in the process of getting put back together, but hooray for the computer labs at school. I can blog all I want there!!!) Newport is a group RPG thingie that Imouto, Poe-chan, Dora-chan and a few other people participate in. ^_^ We make up kyara, RP them, and then post the resulting stories on the newport mailing list. Tis fun! Anyway, Imouto is pretty much the one in charge, so if you wanna join up you can mail her. ^_^
BTW, Chibi Alex-chan, if you want to call your blog "sea colored sky" you can call it "Mizuiro Sora" (which is the water colored sky, and kinda means light blue. ^_^) Or you could call it "Umiiro Sora" which would mean ocean colored sky. But I'm not really sure that a color. (any clues, imouto, oh, wonderful thrid year japanese student who also owns a japanese dictionary?)

On a side note, the title for my blog comes from "blue", but as if the people that visit my blog didn't already know that!! (well, incase someone random walks by, they'll know now) It's my favorite line out of the song, and also lends itself nicely to my color scheme.
I've decided to name the printer at work Harry, Harry Printer. (*hee* I'm re-reading something, anyone care to guess?) I hope that if he has a cool name, he'll work better for me. But yesterday Harry was a sweetie and I got a lot of books looked up because I wasn't fighting with the printer. I also learned a secret on how to keep Harry happy. ^___^ Hooray for Harry!!!!

Today's music theme is: Appears (HW Club Mix)
Here's a preview of the newest baddie to visit newport::
The Shadow Men
(author's note: Just think of SEELE)
Five old men sat around a round table, each taking refuge in the shadows of the room.
"The American Council has fallen."
"The Newport labs have been almost completely destroyed."
"The school still stands, but there is no one to run it."
"Terrible. Tragedy. A set back in the plans."
"I see. And what are we going to do?"
"It is the girl. The unknown variable."
"The Corin Project went awry. We must take care of our mistakes."
"Yes. A mistake. That girl was a mistake."
"She puts an unknown into the equation. We must erase her."
"We cannot advance if she is disturbing our plans."
"How? If she is designed to be perfect, our weapon-"
"We must send the boy."
"Is that wise?"
"We have no choice. Not any more."
"We're stuck between a rock and the impossible."
"She will not be an impediment."
"Yes. This is the time."
"Awaken the boy."

HAHAHAHAHAHA! End preview!!! *giggles evilly*

Thursday, September 21, 2000

AAAH!!!! The scariest thing happened! I reformatted my hard drive!!!! (this oughta solve the problem that it doesn't want to load properly!) Anyway, those of you who gots my UIN, would you kindly send messages to me so's I can add you back to my contact list? (otherwise, it will be slowin the adding!!!)
Kinda sad that the thing I'm worried about most is losing my ICQ contact list. ;_; (maybe that means I chat too much?)
Oh well, that gets rid of a lot of junk. I was very, very careful to move over ALL the questors pictures. Which reminds me, I also burned a backup of all my Questors pics! HA! Puter crash is not gonna stop me from finishing this thing! NOTHING CAN! (it's really sad that I have over 26 meg of Questors pics. 0_0)
Hmmm.... This is getting more and more babbly.
An Ode to Bagels
You are my lunch
You are my brunch
When I'm late
let's make a date
I'll take you to munch

(a reflection as I rushed to my comp-sci class)
My day (take 2)
I woke up and went to ceramics. (oh yeah, watched winnie the pooh and had *gasp* fruit loops for breakfast!!!) I started my second coil pot. It's being difficult, I had to pep talk it into being pretty. I think it needs to dry a little more before I can finish it.
Then, I went home and worked on my comp-sci program. All the clocks in the computer lab were 20 minutes slow, so when I got back to my dorm, I had to dash off and go to my comp-sci class. (which was oficially pretty boring.... why am I majoring in comp-sci again?)
Then, I went to work at the library. Put my backpack down and realized -- oh crap -- I'd let my purse in class. So I dashed back to class, and it wasn't there. I ran to my professor, she hadn't seen it. I figrued that since I'd left in such a hurry, I'd probably left it in my dorm room.
Work was moderately boring. I did check-in the biography of JRR Tolkein. *shrug* My dad likes him.
Then I spent 30 minutes trying to find someone to let me into the building. I finally got in. And my room is still butt freezing cold! I WANT WEATHERSTRIPPING!!!
*grrrrrr* And then I blogged my day.
oh yeah! Star date... wait....
okay, my very first DREAM JOURNAL!!!!
I had a dream that my car broke down and it was night.
the end
Spike: That's it? Why bother to write it down?
Firefly: Because I wanted to!! And who said you could show up here?
Spike: *shrug*
My hero is Shinohara Tomoe!!! Why? Because she's the happy-genki singer that gets me through so many BORING homework assignments. (one of which I should be doing now ^_^;; )
Today music theme is: Rainbow La La Luu (ARIGATOU SHINOHARA-SENSEI!!!!!)
WAI! Sammi's on and I haven't talked to her since I was in PORTLAND!!! *dances a happy happy dance*
And I swear to god I've gone crazy! 0_0 (man, I'm blogging everything!!!)

Wednesday, September 20, 2000

I'm blogging because I hate my stupid drawing class!!! It's one thing being told what to draw, it's another thing being told how to draw. -_-;;
I knew drawing anime style would get me into trouble someday. Apparently, I can't draw realistically! ARGH!
I'm very frustrated by my lack of skill at this moment....
HAI HAI! Kohai-chan! I saw your cuttest picture of Mark ever and I liked it! WHOOOOOOO!!!!!
*runs around in figure 8's*
Hmmm.... What do you guys think, should I put up a dream journal here?
Firefly (and why am I signing my own blog? *shrug*)
The low down on my day, as unexciting as it was.
Well, this morning started my second full day of work at the library. Pretty much, all I do all day is sit around and look up filing information on books(the technical term is "searching"). And then I look up the information I've gotten and make sure that it's correct(the technical term is "verifying"). Two days, and I think I've had as many requests to turn my head phones down. (sheesh, I work at the library and tehy want me to be quiet!)
After working, I dashed of to my 11 class, only to find that it had been cancelled for Mass of the Holy Spirit. (gotta love Catholic colleges) I must have been the only person not to realize that class had been cancelled. So, I went back to my dorm room.
Next, I worked on my wonderous comp-sci program. I think this particular teacher is CRACK FIEND! Anyway, then it was class again.
Speech! We got into groups and were assigned a fun project. It was... rather unexciting.
I went to work again. God, it's boring and I've no clue how I'm going to get through the year. I ran out of there as soon as I could!!
Then I updated my blog!
(I think I'm addicted at this moment)
I putted the links down at the bottom of the page so they'd be more permanent-o! WAI!
An Ode to Weatherstripping
I love my non-existant weatherstripping
The wind is a-whipping
Under my door
And across the floor
I think my mind is tripping
(too many limericks in one day, ya know)

I dedicate this poem to my college. They said they'd put up weatherstripping on the doors at the end of the week.... TWO WEEKS AGO!
Wai! I've convince Imouto that she needs to blog!
Digital Eternity
Cool name ne? I think I should come up with a better name for mine. ^_^
And now, my newest link Chibi Alex-chan's blog!
So don't forget to visit and all. ^___^
An Ode to Mark
My favorite crackhead is Mark
He dresses in clothes that are dark
He's very dense
Makes little sense
His brain has gone out with a spark!!
Today's musical theme is: Egao no Genki (by SMAP)
Did you know that there's frozen SMAP in the punch? It makes you go twa~a~a~ng!
Dora's blog is located here!
And for some reason, getting this post to work has turned into a royal pain in the ARSE!
Firefly *signing out!*
Allrighty! Writing blogs sure beats doing homework! (*glares at Cpost.cpp*)
I just wanna give a shout out to Meg-chan, my wonderful, beautiful, charming, and all around cool Kohai-chan!!!
I'll give one to Dora-chan once I get the location of her blog. ^_^
Konnichiwa! This is my very firstest blog-y entry. Today, I'm going to blog about... umm..... the music to cowboy bebop!! HAI! MUST HAVE MORE!!! *crawls around a desert-like expanse of land sadly lacking in nifty Kanno Yoko background music*
Okay, and back to the land of sanity.....
For those of you not in the know, Cowboy Bebop is a really nifty anime series about SPIKE! ^_^ (okay so there's more to it than that....) He's a kick-arse bounty hunter type dood. The music or the show is composed by Kanno Yoko, famous for her work in other series like the Vision of Escaflowne and other stuff. She also composed the music for Sakamoto-sensei's CD, Dive (but this is another subject entirely).
Cowboy Bebop is her most recent series, and the music is certainly experimental. A lot of it is nifty jazz type stuff. But other music is lovely and all techno sounding. (Chicken Bone for example... ^_^ Gotta love that song...) A lot of sound clips are also used in the music for the show. The OP, Tank!, is a happy jazzy little tune that gets addicting really quickly.
Not to mention, the vocal songs are gorgeous!! A good portion of them are in english, but the other languages range from French to Japanese. I love, love, love "Call Me Call Me", "Blue", and "the real folk blues".
This show is worth checking out for the music alone. And remember, buy the CDs too!
Well, my long pointless blog is ending!